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11 Secrets For Rank #1 in Google

Panda has ensured that publishing poor quality content to earn rankings simply isn’t effective anymore. And Penguin ensures that traditional link building can be risky and dangerous to search engine visibility. Caffeine’s Freshness update has obfuscated large swaths of keyword data used to measure SEO success. Lastly, personalization and Google’s 85 SERP variations make it virtually impossible to optimize with confidence.

We’ve reached a tipping point

Today, it is easier to focus resources on creating great content that people love for earning search visibility than it is to purposefully attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm. SEOs who recognize this fact focus their attention on the below:

1. Create great content people want to read.

2. Create great content people want to download.

3. Create great content people want to share.

4. Create great content people want to comment on.

5. Create great content online media wants to cite.

6. Create great content influencers want to share and cite.

7. Create great content that people want to link to.

8. Create great content consistently.

9. Create as much great content as possible.

10. Do NOT optimize for search engines – optimize for people.

11. The more time and resources spent on old optimization tactics that have no impact on a user’s experience, the less time and resources there are for creating and publishing great content.

Not only will search visibility improve by following the steps above, but virtually every other Internet marketing metric will improve, too.

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