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Web Analytics

  • Boost Your Online Sales with iMerx Efficient Web Analytics Services  World of information technology has advanced in a phenomenal way. With today’s latest technologies and methodologies, web marketers can efficiently turn raw data into useful and meaningful insights that can help end users to improve their online marketing campaigns. Web analytics or Digital analytics is more than just a tool to measure online traffic. Moreover, it is an important tool that can help businesses gauge and improvise their online presence. If you’re looking to outsource your web analytics needs, it’s time to get in touch with iMerx. At iMerx, we offer contemporary web analytics and SEO services to help businesses improve their online productivity. Make Clever Business Decisions with iMerx Web Analytics Service   At iMerx, we help you beat the data overload by providing top notch web analytics services. By converting large amount of data into easy-accessible reports, we allow you to make improved, confident and data-driven decisions. Our web analytics service will assist you in a number of ways like:
  • Easy sharing and distribution of reports and data over the web
  • Improve productivity and facilitate internal users and customers as well
  • Exploring traffic pattern of your website
  • Identifying bounce rate and bouncing patterns of the visitors
  • Making your online presence more functional, insightful and user-friendlier
  • Analyzing historical repots to efficiently plan web marketing campaign for your company
  • Using the web data to plan actionable insights and increase performance by implementing result-driven strategies

Explore New Business Opportunities with Digitz Complete SEO Service  In addition to web analytics, we also offer a complete, all-inclusive SEO services for businesses wanting to gain good ranks on popular search engines. Our highly qualified SEO team has good experience and knowledge of the field. We use up-to-date techniques and tools to improve your website’s performance in a significant manner. Speak to our customer support service by calling us today to know more about our SEO services, and uncover several revenue-making opportunities for your business.