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Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Improve Your Business Locally with iMerx’s Local SEO Service 

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and etc, work differently than we, humans. Your business website may rank high in worldwide search, but it doesn’t ensure you similar rankings in nationwide or citywide searches. What good is worldwide search result from you, when you are running your businesses locally?

Yes, this is the difference between worldwide and local search. Besides optimizing your website globally, you’ll also need employ local optimization techniques to make your website visible for local searches.

iMerx Helps You Rank High in Local Searches 

At iMerx, we know how search engines work and what it takes to make your website rank high in both local and global searches. We are highly experienced and qualified team of SEO. We emphasize on utilizing most modern tools and techniques to promote your business in local web directories. Our local SEO service involves:

Targeting local keywords/search phrases and optimizing your for them

We optimize your website in such a way that search engines will easily understand the type of your business and targeted audience. Our expert SEO executives will accomplish this goal through local keyword optimization, NAP data and schema markup.

Optimization of Local Maps

People often use Google Maps to find out specific services and their locations. Thus, it’s important to enlist your business in different online maps. Our SEO team will perform local listing submission, write and submit reviews to improve your search visibility in online maps.

Marketing content in local directories

We will optimize your website’s content to drive targeted visitors. We are aimed to develop unique, creative and informative content that will help you turn your local visitors into actual customers.

Customized SEO Services

f you want to make the most of your business website, you need to get in touch with professional SEO Company, Digitz. We also offer customized SEO services to meet specific needs and wants of our clients.