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The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed. - Henry Ford

Sales and Marketing

Increase revenue, increase market share, increase retention, increase margins faster with a smaller team are the demands of today’s Sales of Marketing teams. Consistently meeting and exceeding sales and marketing goals in this new business environment requires more real-time visibility into Opportunity Pipeline, Customer Experience Trends and Sales Performance. The first two illustrate opportunities, risks and priorities while the third ensures the team is executing in a cost-effective manner.

This expectation likely increases the sales cycle, increases price and margin pressures and may also increase participants (in-house and partners) in the sales process. Visibility into the challenges to moving projected sales opportunities through the sales lifecycle and better understanding the Customer and Prospect objections and delays will enable a proactive manager to make necessary short-term corrections to meet sales goals and long-term corrections to lead quality and qualification, territory management, sales process / automation, compensation and training.

OSI Consulting Sales and Marketing consulting provides CRM and Customer Experience Management services to enable companies achieve higher sales performance and customer retention through streamlined methods with automation, enhanced pipeline and sales performance visibility and on-going sales training and coaching.

The OSI Consulting Sales and Marketing is composed of four areas of focus:

Sales and Marketing Strategy : Assessment of current sales and marketing performance / Design new strategies to meet business objectives for sales, marketing and customer experience

Sales Performance / CRM : Implement automated CRM, Marketing Automation, Customer Contact Centers and Analytics tools to most effectively achieve sales, marketing and service objectives / Sales Team Learning Management / CRM and Analytics Training

Customer Experience Management: Assessment of current customer experience / Integrate services and information across departments and applications to better serve customer needs / Implement customer experience management tools for real-time customer experience analysis and trends

Social Collaboration : Assessment of Sales and Marketing team communication methods / Implement collaboration improvement using social media tools / Design Change Strategy, Transformation enablement and Learning Management.

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